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    I read the Blogger article over the weekend as well. As with all things, the *desire* to keep on the cutting edge is often pushed to the side by the ease at which we're able to publish, that mixed with the need to fatten the next paycheck is a formula for mis-use. Anyways, I probably shouldn't talk, I haven't updated my blog with a feature in a few weeks (been focused on the *real* paycheck I get).

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    I read about the peculiarities of the Tanjavur Temple and its history regarding the construction and the architectural specialities in one month ago. I really wish to visit that place personally, which I feel there is no chance to happen in recent years.. And me also learnt classical dances in my childhood. Like Bharathanatyam too... I also like to share your feeling of joy...dear Lakshmi...

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    My guess would be the bank owned listings affecting things, but the upward trend in listing prices would also require that there be more normal listings going active the past couple of months than at the end of the year. Thats probably a safe bet for January-March, but I dont really track such things.  Rate this comment: 0  0

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    I love these posts!! When I was nannying, the younger one of the boys spoke his first word and it was BAGEL! hahahaaaa it was an awesome moment, but I never ever told the parents I heard his first word. After he said it once, he repeated it all day long for weeks! haha

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